Changelog: Memorize Quran

  • May 2020 – v1.3.4
    • The issue of the playback speed not becoming faster/slower has now been fixed.
    • Some optimizations were added as well
  • June 2020 – v1.3.5 
    • Remove FAQ
    • Remove Contact Form
    • Link the contact form to this help center
    • add “Subscribe” to newsletter
    • set version numbering to be automated
  • June 2020 – v1.3.6
    • lowered speed increment/decrement from 0.5 to 0.25
    • fixed bug that caused audio to stop playing when speed out of range
    • the increase and decrease speed button only renders now when possible
    • added some spacing between buttons so its easier to click
    • changed the speed icons to be buttons
    • added extra button colors instead of just red
  • October 2020
    • Upgrade base code

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